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Reduce Your Property Taxes

There are usually many ways to reduce your property taxes and these ways will differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

This brief section contains information regarding properties located on Long Island in the state of New York.

On Long Island among the ways in which property taxes may possibly be reduced are the following:


Special exemptions such as veterans exemptions, senior citizens exemption and home improvement exemptions.

To learn more about these and other exemptions please visit the Nassau County Department of Assessment website at www.mynassauproperty.com.


Basic STAR Exemption

Every homeowner qualifies for the Basic STAR Exemption as long as the home is owner-occupied and a primary residence. You have to apply once, and then as long as the name(s) on the title do not change, there is no need to apply again. This is a program that will save you money on your school taxes. The amount of money saved will vary somewhat from year to year and from district to district.

If you do not file the application for the Basic STAR Exemption, you will not receive it.

You can download an application for the Basic STAR Exemption by clicking below.

Basic STAR Exemption Application
Nassau County

Basic STAR Exemption Application
Rest of NY State



Protesting Your Assessment to Reduce Your Property Taxes

Another way in which to attempt to reduce property taxes is to file a property tax reduction case with the Assessment Review Commission. If you are not satisfied at this level, a small claims tax protest appeal can be filed. With this procedure what you are doing is claiming that you are over-assessed –- that is, your property is being taxed at an alleged current market value that is higher than the actual current market value of the property.

You may file this case and protest on your own or you may use a representative. David Weiss, Director of the Nomis Realty Property Tax Research Division, is one of the most experienced tax reduction attorneys on Long Island. To date he has assisted over 4000 Long Island homeowners in significantly reducing their property taxes.

In handling property tax reduction cases, Mr. Weiss’s only fee is a percentage (50% in the case of residential properties, 33.3% in the case of commercial cases) of the property tax savings that he is able to achieve. Accordingly, if Mr. Weiss is unsuccessful in reducing your property taxes, there is absolutely no legal fee for his services (there may be a nominal court-imposed filing fee).

To initiate a property tax reduction case, please call or e-mail our office today to request the appropriate retainer form from the list below.

Nassau County Residential
Suffolk County Residential
Nassau County Commercial
Suffolk County Commercial
Rest of New York State Residential
Rest of New York State Commercial
Rest of Country Residential
Rest of Country Commercial


Reducing Property Taxes on All Types of Properties
Anywhere in the Country

Property Tax Research Division

The Nomis Realty Property Tax Research Division may be able to provide you with assistance in reducing your property taxes on property – any type of property – that you own anywhere in the country.

Whatever kind of property you may own – residential home, estate, stores, shopping centers, office buildings, etc. – anywhere in the country -- Mr. Weiss may be able to make some helpful suggestions regarding how you might be able to reduce your property taxes.


If you wish to obtain Mr. Weiss’s opinion regarding the possibility of reducing property taxes for one or more properties that you currently own (any type of property, anywhere in the country), please complete and submit the brief questionnaire below. Include in the details field information such as the date purchased, price paid for the property, any estimates of current market value, current property taxes and any other information you believe to be relevant.


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