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Prestige Custom Building
Licensed in Nassau, Suffolk and New York City

Baldwin, New York 11510
Phone: (516) 546-7000 • Email: PrestigeCB@att.net

Nassau License     #1893020006
Suffolk License     23601-H
New York City License     1321081


Prestige Custom Building
Affiliated with Nomis Construction Services
A Division of Nomis Realty Inc.

For ALL Your Long Island/New York City Construction Needs
Licensed and insured

Prestige Custom Building is licensed in Nassau and Suffolk Counties as well as New York City.

New Homes – a Prestige Specialty

Prestige Custom Homes has been building quality homes in the Long Island/New York City area for over 20 years.

The homes that Prestige builds are of all sizes, styles and complexity. If you can imagine it, Prestige can build it!

Photographs of a few recently completed homes, as well as photographs of a few homes that are currently under construction, may be found below.



All Types of Renovations

In addition to new homes Prestige Custom Building undertakes all types of renovations including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Landscaping
  • Dormers and Extensions
  • Storefronts
  • Stucco and Exterior Design
  • Commercial Projects
  • Siding and Windows/Roofs
  • Architectural Services Available
  • Masonry Work
  • No job too Large

Photographs of a few examples of the many types of renovations available through Prestige Custom Building. As in the case of new homes that we build, all renovations are completed on a timely basis and the major emphasis is always on quality!



Free Estimates

Prestige Custom Building will be happy to provide free estimates – absolutely no cost or obligation – for any projects that you might be considering. Please call or email our office to make an appointment to discuss your project. We will respond promptly.

(516) 546-7000

Career Opportunities

Prestige Custom Building currently has fifteen (15) openings for account executives throughout the Long Island/New York City area. Individuals applying may be experienced or we will train but applicants should be highly motivated and eager to learn.

This is an exciting opportunity to represent one of the premiere builders in New York State

For Additional Information Contact:
Prestige Custom Building
(516) 546-7000



What kind of Construction / Renovation Project are you Considering?

If you are contemplating the possibility of building a new home or renovating your present home, we can be of assistance. Our subsidiary, Nomis Construction Services, will be happy to provide an assessment of your construction needs, to offer some ideas regarding important issues of which you should be aware, and to refer you to highly qualified professionals to assist you in the construction/renovation process. Among the many professions that are often helpful or necessary in the construction/renovation process are the following:

Expeditors: with regard to many construction/renovation projects, a building permit (and/or other documents) must first be obtained from the local authority having relevant jurisdiction. Typically this is the local building department. Following the completion of a construction/renovation project, a Certificate of Completion (or other such similar documents) is/are obtained. Expeditors are individuals or firms that can assist you in obtaining and processing all the necessary paperwork required to undertake and complete your construction/renovation project.

Architects: are individuals who are involved in the planning, designing, modeling and overseeing of the construction process. Architects are required to obtain specialized education and documented work experience to obtain a license to practice architecture. These requirements may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For additional information visit the website of The American Institute of Architects (AIA) at www.aia.org.

Many projects require architect plans that must be reviewed before a building permit is issued. Architect plans are generally also very important in securing from contractors a cost of construction estimate that is as accurate as possible. Without architect plans, it is often very difficult to obtain accurate estimates with regard to cost of construction and to agree as to the precise scope of the project.

Attorneys: when undertaking any decent-sized construction project, it is very important that you have a clear agreement discussing all important issues, including an exact description of the work to be completed, the respective responsibilities of the client(s) and the contractor, liability issues, a mutually agreeable payment schedule, responsibility for any liens that might be placed on the property, and so forth. Attorneys can provide valuable assistance in drafting an agreement that can clarify such issues, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome for your project. When considering the possibility of retaining an attorney, be certain to inquire into his/her specific experience in the areas of construction law and drafting agreements that deal with construction projects.

Mortgage Brokers/Bankers: if you are not paying cash for the cost of your construction/renovation project, a competent mortgage broker/banker can discuss with you the best way to finance the project. There are usually different alternatives available and the best alternative depends upon your specific circumstances. It is very important that you understand fully all aspects of the financing you choose. The financing of your project is an issue that you may also want to discuss with your accountant or tax advisor.

Contractors: these are the individuals or firms that actually undertake and complete the construction process. General contractors are individuals or firms that coordinate all aspects of the construction process, frequently using both individuals who are on their own payrolls, as well as independent contractors (e.g. electricians, plumbers, framing crews, etc.) -- but yet maintain responsibility for the entire project.

In most jurisdictions contractors have to be licensed and insured. However, having a license does not guarantee competency, so it is very important that a prospective client undertake the proper due diligence, including obtaining satisfactory references. Be certain to check with the proper authorities in your jurisdiction to inquire into what type of licenses/registration or other similar documents a contractor is required to have.


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